> My friend is opening up a practice & would like a translation for her
> business name. Can someone please translate this into Scottish for me:
> Body, Mind and Spirit as One.

Anna cho\ir,

Chanainn:  Colunn, Inntinn, agus Spiorad mar a h-Aon. 'S do\cha gum
faigheadh tu faclan eile a bhiodh ceart cho math cuideachd.

I-would-say: "...". Is likely that could-find you words other that
would-be just so good also.

I would say: "..." You could likely find other words that would be just as
good also. ( You could use "corp" for "body", but I like the alliteration
of  the "n"'s  with "colunn". )

> Thanks to everyone in advance,

'S e do bheatha.You're welcome.

Le meas,

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