Hallo a Thorcuil 's a h-uile duine,

Sgri\obh Aonghus:

Thug Seo\naid deagh cho\mhairle dhuit a thaobh "Everyday Gaelic". 'Sann math a tha an leabhar sin.

Gave Janice good advice to-you the side "...". Is good that is the book that.

Tha mi a' dol leotha.
I agree with them.

Cuideachd, is toigh leam "Gaelic Echo" le Donaidh Macdhomnaill.
Also, I like "Gaelic Echo" by Donnie Macdonald.

Nise ann am Beurla...gabhibh mo leisgeul.  It's a small magazine with audio tape for each issue. For each 2 pages, one is in Gaelic, and the other is an English translation (side-by-side).  The Gaelic is read on the tape - first in a "dictional" speed and then more conversational.  A song  is also included in each magazine.  There are a total of 8 magazines, and it doesn't matter in which order you read them.  Although some of the material is outdated, reading/listening to them is still good practice, and for  most of the contents, the time frame doesn't matter.  Cost is $10 per issue + postage (about $3.20 for postage, I believe).  They can be ordered directly from Donnie by email:  [EMAIL PROTECTED]

I also have a book of poetry with English translations that is pretty good.  if you're interested in information about it, I'd be glad to post that also.

The kind of things you're looking for are, in my limited experience, difficult to find but really helpful.  If others have any other resources, maybe they would share...???


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Toby A. Rider wrote:

> iam looking for some infomation on gailicbooks translating english to
> gailic. i am tryingto learn  as much asican  we have classes in winter
> .ifnd singing much easier than speaking.if you could help i would
> appreciate.

A Thorcuil,

Thug Seo\naid deagh cho\mhairle dhuit a thaobh "Everyday Gaelic". 'Sann math a tha an leabhar sin.

Gave Janice good advice to-you the side "...". Is good that is the book that.

Janice gave you good advice about "...". That is a GOOD book.

Ma 's ann airson a bhith a' seinn na Ga\idhlig a tha thu, mholainn dhuit na leanas:*

If is for-the-sake-of to-be singing the Gaelic that are you, I-would-suggest what follows:

If it's Gaelic singing that you want to do, I would suggest the following:

O\r Cheap Breatainn;     A  Tribute to the North Shore Gaelic Singers
Scottish Traditional Sereies Vol. 2 and Vol. 18

These tapes/cds are all native speakers singing Gaelic songs, and the Gaelic words are in the liner
notes. For  the Scottish series, you have to buy the cd to get the words; they don't come with the

* After reading this over, I realized I made this sentence a lot more complex than it needs to be. I
was going to delete it, but I'm leaving it in just to show alternate ways of expressing things in
Gaelic. As the sentence reads, it emphasizes "singing"( as opposed to speaking ). You could  also

"Ma tha thu airson na Ga\idhlig a sheinn" - if are you for-the-sake-of the Gaelic to sing....
"Ma tha thu airson a bhith a' seinn na Ga\idhlig" - if are you for-the-sake-of to be singing the

These are both easier constructions, but neither one of  them accentuates the word "singing" as the
first sentence does.

Somehow this message got to be a lot more complicated than I planned it to be..........

Tha mi 'n do\chas gu bheil samhradh math aig a h-uile duine,
Am I in hopes that is summer good at everyone,
I hope everyone's having a good summer,

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