Angus MacLeod wrote:
> Leslie Gadallah wrote:
> > > The only change I  would make is to put "againn" after "ceithir
> > > laithean bla\th" - Bha ceithir laithean bla\th againn...
> >
> >    This could be just my English (language) prejudice, but if I wrote
> > "Bha  ceithir lithean blth againn comhla ri chile," wouldn't it mean
> > that "we" were together rather than the "days" were?
> A Leslie chir,Ooops. Yes, I should have written the whole  sentence out
> rather than dealing just with the first part of it; maybe I would have seen
> that. It should  be, "Bha  ceithir laithean blth cmhla ri chile
> againn."This way the "cmhla ri chile" refers directly to the preceding
> "laithean". I would still put the "againn" at the end of  the phrases
> though, instead of at the beginning.
> D do bheachd, a Shenag? An ann mar seo a chanadh tusa e?
> What your opinion, Janice? Is it like this that would-say you it?
> What's your opinion, Janice? Is this how you would say it?

Hallo Aonghais agus Leslie,

Chanainn sin.
I would say that. 

I don't even know how to explain it in English grammatical terms, but
since 'cmhla ri chile' refers to the subject 'laithean', as Aonghas
pointed out, it should appear directly after. 

Bha i gl fhluich ann an Toronto Di-hAoine. Abair uisge! Bha
tirneanaich 's dealanaich ann cuideachd.Sguir iad am Molson Indy. 

It was very wet in Toronto Friday. What rain! There was thunder and
lightening too. They stopped the Molson Indy..

Ach, bha i blth tioram an-diugh. Bhuannaich Michael Andretti an ris.
But it was warm and dry today. Michael Andretti won the race. 

le drachd

"Tr gun chnan, tr gun anam."
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