Janice Chan wrote:

> Chanainn sin.
> I would say that.
> I don't even know how to explain it in English grammatical terms, but
> since 'còmhla ri chéile' refers to the subject 'laithean', as Aonghas
> pointed out, it should appear directly after.

Tapadh leat, a Sheònag.

> Bha i glè fhluich ann an Toronto Di-hAoine. Abair uisge! Bha
> tàirneanaich 's dealanaich ann cuideachd.Sguir iad am Molson Indy.

Bithidh an dearbh sìde an seo a nochd. 'Nuair a dh'fhàgas i Ontario, thig i 'nar
Will-be the exact weather here tonight. When it leaves Ontario, will-come it
toward us.
We'll have thhe same weather tonight. When it leaves Ontario it comes toward us.

Le meas,

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