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The kind of things you're looking for are, in my limited experience, difficult to find but really helpful.  If others have any other resources, maybe they would share...???


A Shiùsaidh 's a h-uile duine,

A magazine from Scotland called "Cothrom" might be helpful, although the Gaelic that is in the one issue I have of it deals with many different subjects, is quite deep, and might be a bit intimidating to a beginner. A tape comes with each issue, but I don't have the tape for my issue, so I can't comment on that.

One resource that is often overlooked is the local library. Often libraries have access to books from other libraries, so even if there's a Gaelic book in the general area you could get it. I've been surprised at the number of Gaelic books in unlikely places. A student at the Gaelic College who took one class of Gaelic last summer, kept up her studies through the winter in Ottawa mostly through what she could find in the local libraries. She made remarkable progress. There are also archival resources at the Smithsonian, and I'm sure at other places. Many archives will allow you to make copies unless the material is really old, fragile, and/or of great value. I have no idea what might be available in your particular area, but maybe it's worth a look?

Le meas,

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