A chąirdean cņire,

Seo cuid bheag de ghnąth-fhacail a bhiodh ri chuir gu feum aig na seann
Here portion small of sayings that would-be to put to use at the old
Here's a small sampling of sayings that the old Gaidheals had......

Tha boinne am beul na gaoithe.
A drop is in the mouth of the wind.
( said when you could feel the oncoming rain in the dampness of the
wind--- "It feels like rain."

gathan-dubha -- "riders on the storm" -- the shapes you sometimes see in
hard driving rain

uisge min --- very light rain, mist

buille bheag an ceann a' chrudha
a small blow at the end of the horseshoe
If something is really easy to do, you might say, "Chan eil ann ach
buille bheag an ceann a' chrudha."
-----"There's nothing to it."

beul gun phutan
a mouth without a button
said of someone who gossips or talks of things that don't concern him
"Tha beul gun phutan aige."

barail bhochd: a' bharail aig a' bhroc air a thņin
a poor opinion: the badger's opinion of his own behind

Bheir mi feuchainn air cuid łr a chuir chun na liosta gach seachdainn nam
faigh sibh tarruingeach no cuideachdail iad.

Will-give I a try on portion new to put to the list each week if
will-find you interesting or helpful them.

I'll try to send a new bunch to the list each week if you find them
interesting or helpful.

Le meas,

p.s. Please let me know if my use of accents is coming through to you
garbled. If you don't want to send a message to the list, you can contact
me directly. I'd really like to know if they're not working. Tapadh

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