Janice Chan wrote:

> Aoghnais - Bidh mi a' dol gu Ceap Breatainn anns an Lu\nasdal.Am bi thu
> aig Cholaisde Na Ga\idhlig? Tha mi an dochas gum bi mi 'gad fhaicinn! Bi
> mi ann bho 27 Lu\nasdal gu 1 1 Sultuine.
> Angus - I will be going to Cape Breton in August, Will you be at the
> Gaelic College? I hope to see you! I will be there from 27 August to 1
> September.

A Shenag,

Bithidh, mur am fs iad ann an ciall gu leir airson 's gun tilg iad amoch mi!

Will-be, if-not (?) will-grow they in sense enough for-the-sake-of  and that
will-throw they out me!
(I really don't know about this word-for word translation....seems off-base to

I will, unless they become sensible enough to throw me out!

Is math leam gum bi thu a' tighinn, gu h-raid r seachdainn a' chursa taomaidh,
agus bithidh mi a coimhead amoch air do shon.

Is good with-me that will-be you coming, especially during week of-course
immersion, and will-be I looking out for your sake.

I'm glad you're coming, especially during the immersion week, and I'll be
looking for you.

A bheil duine sam bith eile a' tighinn ach Senag agus Kira agus Cliff? (Cha do
dhio-chuimnich mi gu robh sibhse a' tighinn cuideachd, a chirdean!)

Is person any other coming but Janice and Kira and Cliff? (Did not I forget that
were you coming also, friends!)

Is anyone else coming except for Janice, Kira, and Cliff? (I didn't forget that
you were coming too, friends!)

Le meas,

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