Leslie Gadallah wrote:

>    Tha.  'Se oileanach bochd Ghàidhlig a tha mi.  Tha fios aig Aonghas
> sin.
> >     Yes.  It's a poor student of Gaelic that I am.  Angus knows this.


Chan eil mi airson sabaid a tḥisich, ach chan eil fhios agam air leithid de
rud...... càite an d' fhuair thu an g̣raiche seo??????????   :)

Am not I for-the-sake-of a fight to start, but is not knowledge at-me on
like of  thing...... where did find you the foolishness this???????

I'm not trying to start a fight, but I know nothing of any such thing......
where did you get this foolishness???????????   :)

Le meas,

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