> Eilidh,

Tha mi duilich gu bheil mi cho fadalach a' toirt freagairt dhuit.
Am I sorry that am I so tardy sending an answer to-you.
I'm sorry to be so late answering you.

I wasn't able to check my e-mail a couple of days last week, and although I was
reading other people's answers to your e-mails, I thought for some reason your
letters hadn't come through to me.
Somebody else apparently checked the mail those days but didn't tell me about
the messages. And no matter how many times I tell the computer to file things
in the order they come in, it switches back to some sort of filing system of a
logic I can't understand at all!!! Anyway, my apologies for the delay.

> Aoghnais - Bidh mi a' dol gu Ceap Breatainn anns an Lu\nasdal.Bidh mi aig
> Cholaisde Na Ga\idhlig. Tha an t-eagal agam. :)

'S math gum bi thu aig a' Cholaisde, Eilidh. An robh thu an sin riamh roimhe?
Agus na bi fo eagal; tha Gidhlig gu leir agad agus is gann gum faca mi sluagh
cho cirdeil cir ris na sgoilearan aig a' Cholaisde.
Is good that will-be you at the College, Eilidh. Were you there ever before?
And don't be under fear; is Gaelic plenty at-you and is seldom that saw I a
crowd so friendly, good as the students at the College.
It's good that you're coming to the College, Eilidh. Were you ever there
before? And don't be afraid;you have good Gaelic and I've seldom seen such a
good group of people as the students at the College.

>  Tha mi an dochas gum bi mi 'gad fhaicinn!

Tha agus mise!Me too!

> Bi mi ann bho 27 Lu\nasdal gu 1
> 1 Sultuine ach bidh mi ann an Mhabou an t-seachdain roimhe.

Feumaidh gun tid thu do 'n "Red Shoe Pub" ann am Mbu. 'S e ite snog a th'
ann, gu dearbh!Must that will-go you to the RSP in Mabou. Is it place nice that
is in-it indeed!
You'll have to visit the RSP in Mabou. It's a nice place indeed.

R seachdainn a' chursa bogaidh ( 27 Lnasdail gu 1 Sultuine), bithidh na
sgoilearan a' dol gu luadh ann an Cala Margaraidh oidhche Mhairt, gu dannsa
ceithir-ceatharnaich ann an Glencoe oidhche eile, agus amoch air bta turuis
ann am Baigh Naomh Anna oidhche eile. Bithidh sinn 'gur cumail trang!

During week of-the-course of-immersion (...) will-be the students going to a
milling in Margaree Harbour night Tuesday, gu dance sguare in Glencoe night
other, and out on boat of-tour in Bay Saint Anne night other. Will-be we
at-your keeping busy!

The the immersion week (...) the students will be going to a milling in
Margaree Harbour Tuesday night, to a square dance in Glencoe on another night,
and out on a tour boat in St. Anne's Bay another night. We'll be keeping you

Bithidh sinn 'gad fhaicinn!
We'll be seeing you!

Le meas,

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