A chàirdean c̣ire,

Seo cuid bheag de dh'abairtean. 'S ḍcha gu bheil fhios agaibh orra; ma dh'fhaoite
gum bi iad as ùr dhuibh.

Here are a few phrases. Perhaps you know of them; perhaps they will be new to you.

Thug e an taigh air  -- Took he the house on-him  -- He made for the house.

Thoir do leabaidh ort! --  Take your bed on-you! -- Get to bed!

Thug i a' choille oirre. -- Took she the woods on-her -- She made for the woods
This also means that she went into hiding, and could have nothing at all to do
with the woods!

Tha Seumas fo 'n choille. -- Is James under the woods. -- James is in hiding.
(perhaps from the authorities, or from a lynch mob, or from angry

Thog e rithe. --  Lifted he on-her.  -- He took to the road.

'S fheudar dhomh togail rithe -- I must lift to-her  -- I have to go.

Tha mi 'n ḍchas gum bi iad feumail dhuibh......
I hope they'll be useful to you..........

Le meas,

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