LoisTed Macdonald wrote:
> Hallo a Leslie 's a h-uile duine,
> Tha\inig an Cothrom 24 agam anns a' phuist an-de\. Bha i air chall anns a'
> phuist, tha mi a' saoilsinn, neo  bha i direach slaodach gam ruigsinn.
> My Cothrom 24 came in the mail yesterday. (Cothrom is a quarterly magazine
> published by CLI, Comman an Luchd-Ionnsachaidh - Society of Learners). It
> was lost in the mail, I think, or it was just slow in reaching me.
> Chunnaic mi an litir le Leslie Gadallah 's na cairdean aice agus feumaidh
> mi ag ra\dh gu bheil mi a' dol leatsa. Tha na sgeulachdan "A-Mach a Afraga"
> a co\rdadh rium gla\n, agus shmaoinich mi gun robh an litir agad gle\ mhath.
> I saw the letter by Leslie and her friends and I must say that I agree with
> you. I enjoy the stories "Out of Africa" very much, and I thought your
> letter was very good.

Tapadh leat, Eideird.  
  'Sa Bheurla, tha mi duilich.

   The actual writer was Michael Pollock, with the rest of us mostly
just offering lots of over-the-shoulder encouragement and advice.  
   If you don't mind, I'll pass your note on to the rest of the group,
since many of them are not members of this list.  (Not that I haven't
encouraged them.)


Leslie Gadallah, Calgary, Canada-----http://www.gadallah.com/~leslie

   Gheibh burraidh barrachd coire na 's urrainn duine glic a leasachadh
      A blockhead can find more fault than a wise man can mend 
             --Gaelic proverb
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