> > I saw your test message, but what did you mean by "Cuir oirre di\meas..."?
> >
> > Tha Dwelly ag radh "Cuir air di\meas = despise". Chan urrain dhomh
> > cuir  di\meas ort, a bhana-charaid.
> >
> > Dwelly says ............  I can't despise you, my friend.
> >
>     Oh, oh.  What I meant was "disregard it", and the phrase comes out
>of MacLennan, if I recall correctly.  I'm really not out looking for
>rejection. :( So where did I go wrong?

Tha thu ceart, a Leslie. Lorg mi "disregard" ann "The New  English-Gaelic 
Dictionary" le Thomson agus tha e ag radh "de\an di\meas air, no cuir an 
neo-shuim." 'S e facail u\ra a th'orra air mo shonsa. Tha mi ag ionnsachadh 
rudeigin u\r gach latha. Tapadh leat.

You are right, Leslie. I looked up "disregard" in Thomson's NE-GD and it 
says "de\an di\meas air, or cuir an neo-shuim". These are new words for me. 
I learn something new each day. Thank you.


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