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Sgriobh thu
> Did MacLennan's mention either of these phrases  ( Na toir feairt air, na toir
> an aire air ) ? It seems to me that  they are both more appropriate and more
> colloquial, as least as far as I can discover.

    I'm sorry, I can't do this in the Gaelic--somehow I've managed to
avoid acquiring the vocabulary needed to speak about the language.
    Anyway, I guess I should have done a bit more work before picking up
a phrase I hadn't seen before.  MacLennan has no entry in the English to
Gaelic for "ignore", which would be in keeping with what you were saying
about using a negative statement.  For disregard (n) he has "dýmeas,
tarcuis, beag spÚis".  For disregard (v), "dŔan dýmeas air" only. 
However, when I look in the G to E section, the definition of dýmeas
(n,m) is "disrespect, contempt, reproach."   This self-contradiction is
not an unusual state of affairs for this dictionary.  Someday I hope to
find a decent English to Gaelic book.
     Thank you for the proper phrases.  They will go into my list, and
hopefully I won't make _this_ particular mistake again.


Leslie Gadallah, Calgary, Canada-----

   Gheibh burraidh barrachd coire na 's urrainn duine glic a leasachadh
      A blockhead can find more fault than a wise man can mend 
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