Angus MacLeod wrote:
> I'm extremely lucky to have an ancient dictionary printed in 1845 that works very
> well for everything up until that time. 

Tha thu sealbhach, gu dearbh.
   You're fortunate indeed.

> For more recent words, I find Stordata to be
> quite good. I don't have the url for Stordata, but a search engine will find it for
> you if you type it in.
Tha fios agam air Stordata.  Tha e ag radh air "disregard" seo:

 disregard         dŔan dýmeas (air)
 disregard         dŔan tarchuis
 disregard         tarcuis             fem.
 disregard         cuir air dýmeas     v.phr(t)
 disregard         cuir dýmeas (air)   v.phr(i)cuir ann an suarchas
 disregard         dýmeas              masc.
 disregard         beag di¨            masc.
 disregard         cuir air dýmeas     v.phr(t)

ach nach toir e cuideachadh sam bith air "usage" idir.

  I know St˛rdÓta (and rannsachadh 'sa St˛rdÓta has become one of my
favourite phrases).  It says about "disregard" this:
but it doesn't give any help on usage at all.

> Cha shýn duine ach mar a leigeas aodach.
> Won't stretch a person but as will-allow (his) clothing.
> A person can only stretch as far as his clothing allows.
> -sean-fhacal samhlachail, freagarrach do 'n ch¨is seo, tha mi creidsinn.
> proverb symbolic, suitable to the matter this, am I thinking.
> a symbolic, suitable proverb for this case, I think.

'Se leisgeul math a tha ann, gu cinnteach.
    It's a good excuse, for sure.

Tapadh leatsa, Aonghais.

O, anns an dol seachad:
   an ex-student of yours has joined our little Gaelic learners' group,
Dabhidh  MacChlerich, who was at St. Anne's last year, I believe.  He
speaks very highly of you as a teacher.


Leslie Gadallah, Calgary, Canada-----

   Gheibh burraidh barrachd coire na 's urrainn duine glic a leasachadh
      A blockhead can find more fault than a wise man can mend 
             --Gaelic proverb
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