Christine Murphy wrote:

> Hai a h-uile duine!
> Tha mi aig an Oilthigh Guelph agus bha mi ag iarraidh leabhraichean
> ghaidhlig a' faighinn.  Tha leabhraichean gu leor ann, ach tha iad uile anns
> an "archives".
> I'm at U of G and I wanted to find Gaelic books.  There are plenty (at least
> 500) but all of them are in the archives.
> a-nis, anns a bheurla:
> It's very strange because they are part of a scottish collection of about 10
> 000 books, none of which can be checked out.  I'm alowed to look at them in
> the room in the basement (with the decorative antique bookcase in the
> corner) but I have to fill a request form so that they can go find it for me
> and they are only open 8:30am to 5:00pm on weekdays and closed weekends.
> And the people down there all seem to be part of a secret society!
> Gu math neonach, nach eil?
> pretty weird, isn't it?

A Chairist́ona,

'S ann nẹnach a tha e, ceart gu lẹir. Tha mi creidsinn gu bheil iad fo eagal
roimhe 'n upraid a bhiodh ann nan do leig iad air iasad gu saor iad....gun
tigeadh daoine nan ceudan an leughadh!
'S ḍcha gun tuiteadh an urlar fodha le cudthrom do dhaoine a bhiodh air........

Is weird that is it, right enough. Am I believing thatt are they under fear
before the uproar that would-be there if did let they on loan freely them...
that would-come people in-their hundreds them reading! Perhaps thhat would-fall
the floor under with weight of the people that would-be on-him....

It' weird right enough. I believe they're afraid of the uproar that they'd have
if they loaned them out freely... that people would come by the hundreds to read
them! Perhaps the floor would fall through with the weight of  the  people......

> Slàn leibh,
> Cairist́ona )o(

Càit' a bheil a' ghrian an diugh? An d' fhàg thu anns an leabhar-lann i a
leughadh leabhraichean?Where is the sun today? Did you leave her in the library
reading books? ;D

Le meas,

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