LoisTed Macdonald wrote:

> I'm curious to know how many of you are receiving these messages, a lot of
> which are in Gaelic, but with translations. If this message reaches you
> would you please reply with the following information:
> 1. Are you interested in learning the Gaelic language?
> 2. Do the messages on this list help you ?
> 3. What would you like to see on this list that would help you get going
> with your Gaelic.
> 4. Perhaps you're not interested in Gaelic right now. Let's hear from you
> anyway. A list is only as good as its contributors make it, and right now
> there must be a lot of you lurking out there. Halloooooooooooooo!!!
> Eideard
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Thank you, Edward!

My sister understands Gaelic from hearing it when she was young, but she can't
speak it at all. There is a huge difference between being able to read it and
being able to express yourself in it, and the only way to learn how is by
practice. That means by making mistakes and having them corrected. Nobody
hates making mistakes more than I do ( a condition that dates right back to my
early childhood ), and nobody is going to make more mistakes than I did and
still do! I realized a few years back that if I don't put myself right in the
line of fire and make my mistakes, I'll never get past them. And I learned
that the more embarrassing the mistake, the less likely I am to repeat it. (
I've been embarrassed a lot........!)

Please try a letter in English or Gaelic. Perhaps you can start by answering
Edward's questions, or just ask, "How do you say......"  It's a good question;
I use it a lot!

"'S fherr leam Gidhlig bhriste na Beurla chliste."
I prefer broken Gaelic to skillful English.
(Somebody said that; I have no idea who......!)  :(

Le meas,

The Nova Scotia Scottish Gaelic Learner's List - Archives -

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