Janice Chan wrote:

> Bidh mi a' feuchainn a dh'ionnsachadh ran - "Dh' fhalbh Mo Rn". 'S
> toigh leam an t-ran seo. An aithne dhut e, Aoghnais?
> I am trying to learn a song - "My Love Departed". I like this song. Do
> you know it Angus?

Hai A Shenag 's a h-uile duine,

'S aithne dhomh an t-ran sin; 's toigh leam e, ach chan eil e agam.
Is recognizing to-me the song that, is liking with-me him, but is not he at-me.
I know of the song; I like it, but I don't have it  ( I don't know it... the words
to it.)

An e seo an t-sisd?
Is this the chorus?

Dh'fhalbh mo rn 's dh'fhg e 'n cala
Dh'fhalbh mo rn o hi i, thog e shiil ris na crannaibh
Dh'fhalbh mo rn 's dh'fhg e 'n cala

(Went my love and left he the harbour
............... lifted he (his) sail to the masts

Math thu fhin, a Shenag! Eu-coltach ris a' Bheurla, tha a' chanain Ghidhlig agus
an cel Gidhlig fillte ri chile, agus tha e trr na's fhasa a' chanain
ionnsachadh ma bhios duine ag ionnsachadh nan ran cuideachd.

Good for you, Janice! Unlike English, the Gaelic language and the Gaelic music are
woven together, and it is much easier to learn the language if a person is learning
the songs too. ( and you might discover, quite to your surprise as I did, that you
enjoy singing!!!)

Le meas,

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