Hallo a Chairisti\ona

Tha e math cluinntinn bhuat cuideachd.
It's good hearing from you too.

Sgri\obh thu:

I agree with Sue, I'm tremendously interested in the GÓidhlig, but I have
>litle time to learn (I was really looking for "practice") it.

practice = a' cleachdadh

>2. Tha na teadaireachdan gu math feumail cuideachd, agus tha sp˛rs agam 'ga
>The messages are extremely helpful, and I enjoy reading them (is this

Another way to say this would be " 's toil ( or toigh ) leam a bhith gan 
leughadh " , I like to be reading them.

I hope the people on this list will understand that where I make comments 
in response to your questions, that I am a learner too, and I'm just as 
likely to make mistakes as anyone. Caveat emptor !

>Ma tha, Ciammar a tha a h-uile duine?  A bheil sibh trang leis an obair no
>sgith oir nach eil cadal gu leor agaibh?  Tha mi fhein gu math sgith is
>trang agus feumaidh mi a' dol dhan leabaidh an drasda.
>Anyways, how is everyone?  Are you busy with work or tired from lack of
>sleep?  I'm tired and busy myself, and I should be going to bed right now.

Uill, tha mi a' gluasad, co-dhiu\. Agus tha mi a' faighinn cadal gu 
leo\r,  bidh mi toilichte a ra\dh.

Well, I'm moving, anyway. And I'm getting enough sleep, I'm happy to say.


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