Angus MacLeod wrote:
> Hai A Shenag 's a h-uile duine,
> 'S aithne dhomh an t-ran sin; 's toigh leam e, ach chan eil e agam.
> Is recognizing to-me the song that, is liking with-me him, but is not he at-me.
> I know of the song; I like it, but I don't have it  ( I don't know it... the words
> to it.)
> An e seo an t-sisd?
> Is this the chorus?
> Dh'fhalbh mo rn 's dh'fhg e 'n cala
> Dh'fhalbh mo rn o hi i, thog e shiil ris na crannaibh
> Dh'fhalbh mo rn 's dh'fhg e 'n cala
> (Went my love and left he the harbour
> ............... lifted he (his) sail to the masts
> ............)

Hallo Aonghais agus a h-uile duine!

'S e - 'S e sin an t-sist.

Tha CD agam le Margo Carruthers (Tlant nam Brd). Tha i a' seinn an
t-ran seo. 
I have a CD by Margo Carruthers (Talents of the Bards). She is singing
this song.

"Tr gun chnan, tr gun anam."
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