Sorry for the post in English. How many of you have encountered
the attitude that a *few* Cape Bretoners have that the language and music
belong to them entirely, and that you have to have it "bred into you" in
order to truly understand it? So if you are from away (even from as far
away as Antigonish :-) there is no way you can gain a true understanding of it? 
        98% of the people I've encountered aren't like that, yet there is
a small percentage who seem to ruin it by having that sort of attitude.  
These tend to be the same people who aren't willing to make the
sacrifices to learn the language or really learn the music. Yet they are
the first to claim that no one from away can ever really have it.
        Am I alone in having encountered this type of attitude?

On Mon, 2 Oct 2000, Janice Chan wrote:

> Toby Rider wrote:
> There are about 50 people on this list. It would be nice if we
> > could do some advertising and boost the number of subscribers on this
> > list.
> > 
> > Toby
> If any of those lurkers are in the Toronto area, you might be interested
> in Gaelic language classes in the Toronto area.
> le du\rachd
> Seo\nag
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> "Týr gun chÓnan, týr gun anam."
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