LoisTed Macdonald wrote:

> 'S e, gu dearbh, Aonghais, ach chan eadh, chan urrainn dhut an ca\r a
> ghabhail a-nochd.
> Yes indeed, Angus, but no, you can't take the car tonight.

Ubh ubh, Eideird!

Fhuair thu ann an trioblaid mi! Rinn mi gire le guth rd 'nuair a leugh
mi seo, agus dhisg mi mo bhean! 'S dcha gum bi mi a' caidil ann an car
agam-fhin a nochd.......

Got you in trouble me! Made I laughter with voice high when I read this,
and woke I my wife! Is likely that will-be I sleeping in the car
at-myself tonight.......

You got me in trouble! I laughed out loud when I read this and woke my
wife! Perhaps I'll be sleeping in my own car tonight.......

Na bi fo chram! Tha mi direach a' tarruing ort!
Don't be under worry! Am I just pulling on-you!
Don't worry! I'm just kidding!

Le meas,

P.S. If anybody finds this Gaelic too advanced, please let me know. I put
word for word translations first ( as word for word as possible;
sometimes it just doesn't work at all. ), then I put in a more natural
sounding translation. Sometimes phrases or idioms just don't make sense
in English. If there is a particular phrase, idiom, word, or anything
that has you confused, just ask about it. But be warned: confusion is my
natural state, so I'm just as likely to join you there as to help you

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