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Subject: RE: [gaidhlig-gu-leor] Who's out there ?
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Hi Eideard! Ciamar a tha sibh? Tha mi a'sealtainn air "gaidhlig-gu-leor" a
h-uile laithean agus is toil gu math leam air. Tha mi air clo-buailadh
mo\ran teachdairean airson an co\mhlaradh agam. Tha iad gle\ feumail. Tha
obair math agaibh. Cu\m suas i!

How are you? Is me at looking on Gaidhlig-gu-leor all days and is liking
very much with me on it. Is mi after printing many messages for the file at
me. Are they very useful. Is work good at you. Keep up it!

How are you? I look at (check) Gaidhlig-gu-leor every day. I like it very
much. I print many messages for my files. They are very useful. You are
doing good work. Keep it up!

Eamon (Ed) Telfer 

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Subject: [gaidhlig-gu-leor] Who's out there ?

I'm curious to know how many of you are receiving these messages, a lot of 
which are in Gaelic, but with translations. If this message reaches you 
would you please reply with the following information:

1. Are you interested in learning the Gaelic language?
2. Do the messages on this list help you ?
3. What would you like to see on this list that would help you get going 
with your Gaelic.
4. Perhaps you're not interested in Gaelic right now. Let's hear from you 
anyway. A list is only as good as its contributors make it, and right now 
there must be a lot of you lurking out there. Halloooooooooooooo!!!


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