Hallo a Mhoireach,

Sgri\obh thu ( you wrote ) :

>Hall a h'uile duine,
>'S mise Moireach agus tha mi a' fuireach anns an Kansas.  'S toil leam ag
>ionnsachadh Ga\idhlig gu mo\r ach chan eil mi sgriobh mo\ran.
>I am Martha and I live in Kansas.  I like learning Gaelic but I don't write
>Tha mi trang preparing for an turas vacation.
>I am busy preparing for a vacation trip.

Cait a bheil thu a' dol air na saor- la\ithean agad ?
Where are you going on your vacation ?

><<1. Are you interested in learning the Gaelic language?>>  Tha!  Yes!

Fa\ilte chun buidhne. ( Welcome to the group. )

><<2. Do the messages on this list help you ?>>  Tha!
><<3. What would you like to see on this list that would help you get going
>with your Gaelic.>>  Simple exercises in writing.
><<4. Perhaps you're not interested in Gaelic right now. Let's hear from you
>anyway. A list is only as good as its contributors make it, and right now
>there must be a lot of you lurking out there. Halloooooooooooooo!!!>>  Oh, I
>am interested.  It's just that these challenges always seem to come at a
>particularly busy time........and since it takes me a while to write anns an
>Ga\idhlig, well, it often doesn't get done. <g>  B'e sin mo leisgeil
>anyway.........That was my excuse.
>Chuir mi seachad tri la\ ann an Texas at an tumadh weekend agus bha i
>danainte math!
>I spent three days in Texas at an immersion weekend and it was "damn good"!

"Danainte" - 'se facal u\r a th\ann ! ( "Danainte" - that's a new word ! )

>I am sure corrections are needed, and I know some of what I've written are
>"Cape Bretonisms" since my teacher in Texas, Shawn McDaniel from Antigonish,
>gave them to us as part of that cultural instruction.  I came away from the
>weekend totally in love with the language; I only wish there were others
>close to where I live to work with.

Feumaidh tu a bhruidhinn ri Aonghas. 'Sann a Ceap Bretainn a tha esan 
You'll have to speak to Angus. He's from Cape Breton too.

Sla\n leat


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