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<<>     Shna\mh mi sa' chuan sia nuair bha mi o\g.

De tha "sia" a' cialachadh an seo ? What does "sia" (six) mean here?>>

Eideard-- mo\ran tang!  I should not have tried to type my answers near 
midnight... I am now smacking my forehead at some of the things I missed.  As 
for the word "sia", I was taking a (dangerous) cue from an old lyric sheet 
for the song , "Cana nan Gaidheal".  One of the lines goes, "Gidheadh i nan 
Eileanan Sia" and the translation given is "Even in the Western Isles..."  so 
I probably used some odd poetic word--or a mis-typed one--that doesn't play 
out in regular prose.  A cursory glance at Dwelly's this morning sure didn't 
support my word choice!... Obh, uill!  Mo\ran tang a-rithist!

    An beannachd oirbh,

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