Hi Eilidh!

What email programme are you using - Netscape Messenger or OutLook

You mail is coming through perfectly okay to me, but I understand others
(probably those with pee cees) are seeing lines or something?

I do see MIME - version 1.0 in the subject line though. You can turn
this off in the email preferences. Look under Edit - pee cees do things
in a different way so I can't give you exact directions.

I received an email from your daughter today about her joining the
Saturday classes - looking forward to meeting her!


richards wrote:
> Hello Eideard, I have no idea what those lines are on my other posts except
> that there is something in the subject line at my end that says mime
> version. My e-mail is a new updated version with all kinds of whistles and
> bells that I have no idea how to use. I probably hit some key or other and
> ended up with those lines. If anyone else knows what is happening or what I
> am possibly doing I'd appreciate computer assistance......moran taing!
> Thanks for the Gaelic exercises, Eideard, as well as the help doing them.
> Eilidh.
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