Edward has done an excellent job in answering all the people who are trying
his exercises, so I'm just going to mention a couple of things:

>     Nuair a bha an fo\n briste agamsa, dh'fho\n mi neach sam bith idir.

I would reverse the order of the words: 'Nuair a bha am fn agam

> 4)  'S toil leam a' seinn o\rain tradiseanta.
>     Sheinn Ashley MacIsaac o\ran neo\nach.

I would simply say, " 'S toigh leam seinn....   ( 'S toigh leam = 'S toil
leam -- just an older spelling)" 'S toigh leam a bhith a' seinn..." works
also, but it says, "I like to be singing..." A subtle difference to be

>     Shna\mh mi sa' chuan sia nuair bha mi o\g.

I think what happened here was a typo in your resource material. "Siar"
means westward, west, and "an Cuan Siar" is Gaelic for the Atlantic ocean.

Shnmh mi 'sa Chuan Siar 'nuair a bha mi g cuideachd. Ann am Bigh Naomh
Anna ( In St. Ann's Bay)

>     Obh, obh!  Opair cruaidh!  Cuideach mi.....

Cum suas; tha thu a' faighinn air adhairt gu math!Keep up; are you getting
ahead well!
Keep going; you're progressing well!

Le meas,

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