> Chuir mi seachad tri la\ ann an Texas at an tumadh weekend agus bha i
> danainte math!
> I spent three days in Texas at an immersion weekend and it was "damn good"!
> I am sure corrections are needed, and I know some of what I've written are
> "Cape Bretonisms" since my teacher in Texas, Shawn McDaniel from Antigonish,
> gave them to us as part of that cultural instruction.  I came away from the
> weekend totally in love with the language; I only wish there were others
> close to where I live to work with.

A Mhoirich,

Tha mi fadalach a' toirt freagairt dhuit; gabh mo leisgeul. 'S e deagh-thidsear
a bh' agad ann an Iain, agus fear cir a' bharrachd. Tha e air ais ann an
Antigonish a nis agus bithidh mi 'ga fhaicinn an ceann goirid. Tha e math gu
seinn cuideachd.

Am I tardy giving answer to-you, take my excuse. Is it excellent teacher that
was at-you in Shawn, and man good more (?). Is he back in Antigonish now and
will-be I at-his seeing soon. Is he good to sing also.

I'm late answering you; excsue me. You had an excellent teacher in Shawn, and a
good fellow besides. He's back in Antigonish now and I'll be seeing him soon.
He's a good singer too.

There are probably some other people interested in Gaelic somewhere near you,
they also thinking they're all alone..... There were four people from Toronto at
the Gaelic College last summer, each of whom thought they were the only ones in
Toronto learning Gaelic. If I'd known there would be so many, I'd have made a
list so they could get in touch with each other.....

( Chanainn "damainte" --- typo?)

Le meas,

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