Title: Re: [gaidhlig-gu-leor] Gni\omhairean a-rithist

Feasgar math Aonghais 's a h-uile duine,

Leugh mi do fhreagairte 's tha ceist eile agam.
I read your answer and I have another question.

Sgri\obh thu:
I would simply say, " 'S toigh leam seinn....
                        I like singing

This question came up at a study group, and I wanted to get your opinion...If you wanted to put this sentence into different tenses, is it possible with "S toigh leam..." or would you have to use a different phrase such as "cordadh ri"?

For example...what would the past tense be?

B' toigh leam seinn.

But the question was that the "B'" stood for "Bu" and
Bu toigh leam would be subjunctive - I would like singing.

And what about the question form?

An toigh leat seinn?  Do you like singing?

But would one be able to ask, "Did you like singing?" using the same phrase "toigh le"?

Mo/ran taing...


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