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  Tha triuir oghachan againn a-nis agus tha du\il aice leanabh eile 
fhaighinn ann an da\ sheachdain.

Bidh tu saenair gle trang.
You will be a very busy grandfather.


  Tapadh leat airson fiorsrachadh seo:
     Thank you for this information.

>measraich = think, judge, which I take to mean as if you are weighing the 
>evidence and making a decision.
>smaoinich = (the workhorse, as far as I am concerned.) I use this whenever 
>I would use the English word "think". "Tha mi a' smaoineachadh gu bheil i 
>tra\th." (I think she's early.)
>saoil = more in the sense of I suppose, I wonder. "Tha mi a' saoilsinn gu 
>bheil thu ceart, ach..." (I suppose you're right, but...)
>meo\raich = the dictionary gives "deliberate" for this, so it's fairly 
>close to the first word, measraich.
>creid = is believe, think, and is often used idiomatically in a way that 
>at first is confusing to our ears. "Cha chreid mi nach te\id mi 
>dhachaigh." (I think I will go home.) This is covered in TYG p. 148. "Tha 
>mi a' creidsinn anns a' Bhi\obuill." (I believe in the Bible .)
>Tha mi 'n do\chas gum bi seo cobhaireach. (I hope that this will be helpful.)
>Tha mi a' smaoineachadh gum bi seo gle cobhaireach.( I think that this 
>will be very helpful)

These grey lines seem to show up when I reply to some e-mail....Sorry about 
that. I try to get rid of some of them but it's a lengthy process


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