Hai Eildih 's a h-uille  duine,

richards wrote:

> Tha mi duilich gu bheil mi fadalach a'scriobhadh a thu.
> I am sorry that I am late writing to you.

Coma leat sin. 'S Óbhaist dhomh a bhith fadalach!Uncaring with-you that. Is
usual to-me to be tardy.
Never mind. I'm usually late!

> Bha Colaisde Na Gaighlig Ceap Bretainn spors.
> The Gaelic College was fun.

Tha mi toilichte gun do ch˛rd e riut. (Chanainn "sp˛rsach" -- the adjective
form of the noun "sp˛rs" )I'm glad you enjoyed it.

> Bha h-uile duine ag ionnsachadh a' Ghaidhlig.
> Everyone was learning Gaelic.

Bha, agus cho de˛nach air a h-ionnsachadh. 'S toigh leam gu h-Óraid an
seachdainn-taomaidh.Were, and so eager on her learning. I like especially the
Yes, and so eager to learn it. I especially llike the immersion week
( ag ionnsachadh na GÓidhlig)  -- feminine noun

> Dh' ionnasaich sinn na h-orain  breagha nuadh.
> We learned beautiful new songs.
> or ???
> Dh' ionnasaich na h-orain breagha nuadh againn.

First, you don't need the article, just "˛rain"Second, when a masculine word
( like ˛ran ) has a final vowel that is slender in the plural, it lenites the
following adjective, so you get "˛rain bhreagha"
Dh' ionnsaich sinn ˛rain bhreagha nuadh.

> Tha thu tidsear gle mhath agus seinneadair gle mhath cuideachd.
> You are a very good teacher and a very good singer.

There's two ways you can say this ( neither of which implies that I agree
with you..... ;} )'S e tidsear gle mhath agus seinneadair glÚ mhath a th'
Is it teacher very good and singer very good  that is in-you.
Tha thu 'nad thidsear glÚ mhath agus 'nad sheinneadair glÚ mhath cuideachd
Are you in-your teacher very good and in-your singer very good also.

I don't really know if there's such a thing as a good teacher....the  real
work is in the learning, and good students can make a fellow look brilliant.
I think "facilitator" would be a more accurate description of what I've been
doing at the College. "Motivator" for some classes, but  that definitely
wouldn't apply to the immersion week!

> Tha mi an dochas gum bi mi a' faicinn tha an ealdhain agad latha
> feadhainn..( my oh my oh my!!!!!...I am trying to say:)
> I hope that I will see your art some day.

...gum bi mi a' faicinn an obair-ealain agad......

Cha chreid mi nach fhaca tu... tha an obair-ealain agam air an iomadh lÚine-t
a th' agam. ( Gheibh mi an asgaidh iad....!)
Don't believe I not saw you... is the work-of-art at-me on many t-shirt that
is at-me. ( Get I free them!)
I think you have seen some... my artwork is on a lot of t-shirts that I have.
( I get them for free!)

> Cuir ceart, moran taing,

'S e do bheatha.You're welcome.

Tha mi 'n d˛chas gum faic sinn a rithist thu aig a' Cholaside.
I hope we'll see you again at the College.

Le meas,

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