Angus MacLeod wrote:

> A Sheonag,
> M˛ran taing a Sheonag. I sent my reply to Sue before I read this letter
> from you. You explained "cord" better than I did, I think.  I couldn't find
> the past tense of " is toigh leam" in TYG,  and it's getting too close to
> my bedtime, but I'll find it somewhere or ask someone to be certain. Does
> anyone else have this in another course or book?
> Le meas,
> Aonghas

Hallo Aonghais!

There are a few examples of the past temse of 'is' in Ronald Black's
"Cothrom Ionnsachaidh (page 55 in my edition). It's in Scottish Gaelic
in 3 Months as well (also page 55 starngely enough!) Neither gives a
very good explanation though.

If you have RealPlayer, you might be able to hear Heather, Kerrie and
myself on CIUT internet radio Thursday night at 7 pm Eastern talking
about Gaelic. Mo chreach! The URL is:

It is also on FM radio in the Greater Toronto area only at 89.5 and I
think it's available on satillite as well.

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