LoisTed Macdonald wrote:
> I think the original question was something like how do you say "I liked
> something, and how do you say I will like something ?" (Please correct me
> if I'm wrong.) Nothing I've seen would indicate that these can be
> translated using the verb "is" . Further, I can't give an example of how to
> get around this linguistic problem other than to use the verb "co\rd",
> which won't satisfy every one. That's my two cents worth.
> Eideard

Hallo Eideard, 

Ask David (Livingston-Lowe) about this the next time you see him. I know
he has said that that 'bu' can indicate past habitual action. I have
somewhat cryptic notes from when I took his university course in
Scottish Gaelic that probably wouldn't convince you either <g> 

You would definately be understood to mean that you liked something in
the past (in context) if you used that construction.

"Týr gun chÓnan, týr gun anam."
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