LoisTed Macdonald wrote:

> This I take to mean something that happened habitually in the past, not
> just once. What about "I liked her when I first met her, but I'm not so
> sure now" ? It gets back to the difference between (in English) past
> perfect - something that's over and done with, and the past imperfect which
> happened over a period of time, but in the past. "I was on the bus every
> weekend last year", or " I was a young man when I was in the army".

Yes, habitual action in the past is what both Angus and I have been
talking about, based on the original question.

As Angus said in his response, you would use something different if you
were talking about an event that happened just once in the past.

"Týr gun chÓnan, týr gun anam."
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