Hai a Leslie,

Sgri\obh thu:

    Bha mi a' sgriobhadh ri ban-caraid, and dh'irriadh ag innis rithe gum
>bi mi ann an Toronto "for the next two weeks."   Cha fios agam ag radh
>seo.  Ciamar a chanas mi "for the next two weeks," ma's e ur toigh le?
>   I was writing to a friend and I wanted to say to her that I would be
>in Toronto for the next two weeks.  I don't know how to say this.  How
>can I say ". . ." please?

Theirinn " ..airson nan da\ sheachdain 's a tighinn.." neo "..airson an ath 
dha\ sheachdain.."
I would say "..for the two weeks coming.." or "..for the next two weeks.." 
(I"m not sure about the "nan" in the first version; it might just be "na".) 
Some of you may have other ways of saying this.

If you want to sound British you could even say "..airson an ath 
cola-deug.." ( for the next fortnight..)

Sla\n leat,


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