Hallo a Leslie, Eideird, 's a h-uile duine,

Is mathaid, chan 'eil mi ceart, ach tha mi a' smaoineachadh...
Perhaps, I am not correct, but I think...

Ach...ann am Beurla...tha mi duilich...
But...in English...I'm sorry...

It seems to me that I've learned "for"  is not translated when using it with
time, as in "for the next two weeks."  While looking for an answer to
another question, I did run across the following on page 51 in Black's CI...

He says:

As in American English, the preposition **on** is unnecessary in Gaelic with
days of the week.

Chi mi Di-Luain thu!  See you on Monday!

This also applies to the preposition **for** with periods of time.
Bha e bliadhna ann.  He was there for a year.

Also in the new TYG, pg 224, "Duration,"
To state how long someone has been doing something, you simply say:

Bha mi co\ig bliadhna aig muir.  I was five years at sea. - or - I was at
sea for five years.

Bha Steaphan tri\ mi\osan anns an ospadal.  Stephen was in hospital for
three months.

De\ ur beachd?
What's your opinion?

>From: "Lois\Ted Macdonald" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>Subject: Re: [gaidhlig-gu-leor] Ciamar a chanas mi--
>Date: Sat, Oct 21, 2000, 6:53 AM

>Hai a Leslie,
>Sgri\obh thu:
>    Bha mi a' sgriobhadh ri ban-caraid, and dh'irriadh ag innis rithe gum
>>bi mi ann an Toronto "for the next two weeks."   Cha fios agam ag radh
>>seo.  Ciamar a chanas mi "for the next two weeks," ma's e ur toigh le?
>>   I was writing to a friend and I wanted to say to her that I would be
>>in Toronto for the next two weeks.  I don't know how to say this.  How
>>can I say ". . ." please?
>Theirinn " ..airson nan da\ sheachdain 's a tighinn.." neo "..airson an ath 
>dha\ sheachdain.."
>I would say "..for the two weeks coming.." or "..for the next two weeks.." 
>(I"m not sure about the "nan" in the first version; it might just be "na".) 
>Some of you may have other ways of saying this.
>If you want to sound British you could even say "..airson an ath 
>cola-deug.." ( for the next fortnight..)
>Sla\n leat,
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