Hallo a Shiu\saidh, Leslie 's a h-uile duine,

Sgri\obh thu: (you wrote)

It seems to me that I've learned "for"  is not translated when using it with
>time, as in "for the next two weeks."  While looking for an answer to
>another question, I did run across the following on page 51 in Black's CI...
>He says:
>As in American English, the preposition **on** is unnecessary in Gaelic with
>days of the week.
>Chi mi Di-Luain thu!  See you on Monday!
>This also applies to the preposition **for** with periods of time.
>Bha e bliadhna ann.  He was there for a year.
>Also in the new TYG, pg 224, "Duration,"
>To state how long someone has been doing something, you simply say:
>Bha mi co\ig bliadhna aig muir.  I was five years at sea. - or - I was at
>sea for five years.
>Bha Steaphan tri\ mi\osan anns an ospadal.  Stephen was in hospital for
>three months.
>De\ ur beachd?
>What's your opinion?

These are certainly good examples, but it's interesting that they're all in 
the past. I don't know if that has any significance, but if you look in 
TYG, p. 274, you'll see some friends planning a trip to London,and one of 
them says "Cha b' fhiach dhuinn a dhol a Lunnain airson da\ latha."  (It 
wouldn't be worth our while to go to London for two days.)
So I think I'll stick with my earlier recommendations for now.


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