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Hallo Eideard agus  h-uile duine,

Feuchidh mi,
I will try...

>1. I have a dog.

Tha cu agam.

>2. I have two dogs.

Tha  da choin agam.

>3. I have three dogs.

Tha tri coin agam,

>If you'd like a little more to do, how about
>1. Do you (s.) have a dog?

A'bheil cu agad?.
A'bheil cu agaibh?

>2. Do you have two dogs?
A' bheil da choin agad?

>3. Do you have three dogs?
A 'bheil tri coin agad?

>And finally:
>"How many dogs do you have?"
    Cia mheud  tha coin agad?

>Hmmmmm......cuir ceart,moran taing!!


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