Hallo Eideard

Bha e fhios agam!!
I knew it!

Bha mi ag aithris mo duine (ceile) gu robh i ro furasda!!
I was telling my husband that it was too easy.*grin*

Cuir ceart seo cuideachd
Correct this also.

Moran taing !

At 10:58 PM 10/24/00 -0400, you wrote:

>Hai Eilidh,
>Sgri\obh thu:
>Feuchidh mi,
>>I will try...
>>>1. I have a dog.
>>Tha cu agam.
>>>2. I have two dogs.
>>Tha  da chu agam.
>This is sort of a trick question. The Gaelic word "da\" (two) requires the 
>following noun to be 1) singular, and 2) lenited. You've got the lenited 
>part right, so it would actually be " Tha da\ chu\ agam." It's only when 
>you get to three that you can start using the plural.

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