> Hallo a Sheo\nag 's Eideird

>    I would like very much to come.  Thank you for the invitation.
>     But where at the University?  I think I can find the campus, but it's a
>     big place.
> Sla\n
> Les

The classes are held in Alumni Hall, 121 St Joseph Street (St Micheal's
College). That's right by Queen's Park. If you take the subway, get off
at the Museum Station and exitt on the east side (on the opposite side
of the street to the Museum). Walk south on Quees's Park until you get
to St Joseph Street - about 5 minutes. Alumni Hall is an ugly white
building on the south side of the street a few steps from the corner
(there is a sign).

Just ask for Se˛nag no Janice - my room is 105 in the basement.

Chi mi Di-Sathairne thu!


"Týr gun chÓnan, týr gun anam."
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