Hai a Leslie a-rithist,
> >1. Have you discovered where you are in the city, yet?
>     186 St. Helens--a couple of blocks from Bloor and Lansdowne
> >2. Are you likely to be walking, taking public transportation (TTC) or
> >getting a ride?
>     I understand it's too far to walk, so it'll be TTC

OK, ma tha, get on the Bloor subway (Eastbound - don't go any further west 
or you'll fall off the end of the earth), whatever the closest station is ( 
I'm sure your daughter can direct you, in fact, why don't you bring her 
along?) Get off at Bay Street. There's a little map on each subway car that 
gives the order of the stations, so if you reach Yonge Street, you've gone 
too far, but no problem. Anyway, get off at Bay Street and walk out to the 
street - you'll have to climb some stairs or ride an escalator to get 
there. You want to be on the WEST  side of the street. Walk south on Bay ( 
south meaning the first street you come to will be Bloor, just a short 
distance down from the subway station, cross Bloor, continue on down Bay 
about three blocks until you come to St. Joseph Street. Turn right (west) 
on St. Joseph and look for 121. It's called Alumnae Hall and it's on the 
south side of the street. After that all you have to do is look for Janice, 
or her room. I hope you enjoy the morning.

Do Calgarians speak Gaelic with a western accent?

Wish I could be there with you, but I have a learners' group here in 
Belleville, and we'll be trying to speak Gaelic at the same time as you and 

Beannachd leat,


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