Leslie Gadallah wrote:

> Mile taing, Aonghais.  I expected lots of corrections since I was trying
> constructions I really don't know much about.

A Leslie,Agus is math gun d'thug thu feuchainn air. 'Sann á mearachdan a gheibh
sinn foghlum. 'S aithne dhomh neach agus Gàidhlig aige a' bharrachd air na th'
agam fhìn nach chuireas litir gu liosta sam bith air eagal gun deanadh e rud
ceàrr. ( Ma dh'fhaoite gum bi e a' leughadh na ceart litreach seo.)Sin suas do
gach duine fhéin, ach ni mise mo mhearachdan! ( Tha mi fhathast a fuireach ris an
fhoghlum..... am faca duine sam bith e????????)

And is good that did give you try on-him. Is from mistakes that will-get we
learning. Is knowing to-me person and Gaelic at-him more than is at-me self not
(that) will-put letter to list any on fear that would-do he thing wrong. (
Perhaps that will-be he reading the exact letter here.) That up to each person
self, but will-make I my mistakes! ( Am I still waiting on the learning.... did
see person any him??????????)

And it's good thhat you tried it. It's from our mistakes that we learn. I know a
person who doesn't send a letters to any lists for fear he'll make a mistake. (
Perhaps he's reading thhis letter.) That's up to each person to decied, but I'll
make my mistakes! ( I'm still waiting for the learning part....anybody seen

> I do very much appreciate
> the fact that you took the time to do it, especially with clouds of
> unidentified nature being breathed on your neck.  (Your son is a dragon,
> then?)

An déidh dha a bhith fuireach ris a' choimpiutair fad uair, chan eil thu fàda
ceàrr!!After to-him to be waiting to the computer length (of an) hour, are not
you far wrong!
After he's been waiting for the computer for an hour, you're not far wrong!

Ach chan àbhaist dha a bhith mar sin idir!
But isn't usual for-him to be like that at-all!
But he isn't usually anything like that!

> > > Cho\rd an madainn rium gu math.
> >
> > a' mhadainn
>    This one was a DOH! moment.  Madainn=feminine noun registered a split
> second after I hit the send button.

Tha fios agam mar a tha e. Is tric a rinn mi an aon rud.Is knowledge at-me like
that is it. Is often that did I the one thing.
I know how it is. I've often done the same thing.

(It's the knowledge that I'll do it again that's hard to deal with.......)

Le meas,

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