sgriobh Dr. Eideard:

>Medical report
>Patient\\\'s name: Gaidhlig gu Leor
>>that there is an interest in the community at large in assisting with the
>patient\\\'s revival.
>In the absence of any signs of community interest I am prepared to
>life support systems, and the death certificate is on file, ready to be
>Yours in the interest of good health,
   Och, Dr. Eideard, na dean sin, ma \\\'s e \\\'ur toigh le.  Tha mi
   nach bi mi a\\\' sgriobadh tuilleadh na la\\\\ithean seo.  Tha mi trang,
   fad air falbh an drasda, ach bith mi aig an taigh dimairt.  Thoir
   gaidhlig-gu-leor cothrom eile.

    Oh dear, Dr. Edward, don\\\'t do that, please.  I\\\'m sorry I
    written more these days. I am busy and far away just now, but I will be
    home Tuesday.  Give GGL another chance.
     (And I\\\'m far from my books as well, so if this is an awful mess,
     please accept my apologies.)

Leslie Gadallah 

     Measar an t-amadan glic ma chumas e theanga.
        The fool can pass for wise if he holds his tongue.
                                 --Gaelic proverb

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