richards wrote:

> ...anns a Bheurla....Sheonag...did you notice that I was trying to use the
> past tense as per last class*grin* did I do?

Hallo Eilidh,

Bha sin gl mhath. 

That was very good. No prob;ems with your use of past tense. 

Ach feuch: (but try)

> Bha i reothadh [redhadh no redhte] ann a' Newmarket an diugh.
> It was freezing in Newmarket today.

> Bha i a'cur sneachda beag an de.
> It was snowing  a little yesterday.

Bha i a' cur beagan.
(a' cur implies snowing so you don't need 'sneachd')

> Feumaidh mi falbh air an obair agam a-nis.
> I must go and do my work now.

Feumaidh mi falbh an obair agam a dhanamh.

I believe this is an example the dreaded 'inverted nominal'
I think these sentences are correct, but I would appreciate corrections
as well!

le drachd

"Tr gun chnan, tr gun anam."
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