Hallo a Shiuisaidh,

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>Am bheil ban-tidsear a th' annad?
>Are you a teacher?

Tha,tha i ban-tidsear a th' annam.
Yes, I am a teacher.

>De\ "grade" a tha thu a' teagasg?
>What grade do you teach?

>Tha mi a' teagasg *grade* ceithir.
    I teach grade 4.

Tha na h-oileanaich fichead 'sa sia aig an clas agam .
        I have 26 students in my class.

>Tha mi-fhi/n a' teagasg aig an a\rd-sgoil beag.
>I am teaching at a small high school.

De na cuspairean a tha thu a'teasasg aig an ard-sgoil.
What subjects do you teach at the highschool?


PS I don't have an answer to your question about the use of *rapach no salach*
except that we do use messy,untidy and also dirty to mean slightly 
different things I suppose.
I wondered when I used it if rapach was ok to use with a house because the 
context in which I saw it was about the weather.

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