Hallo Eilidh agus a Shiuisaidh

Sgrobh sibh:
(You wrote:)

> >Am bheil ban-tidsear a th' annad?
> >Are you a teacher?
> Tha,tha i ban-tidsear a th' annam.
> Yes, I am a teacher.

Feuchaibh :

An e ban-thidsear a th'annad? 
This construction uses the verb 'is'.
Literally, 'Is it a teacher that is in you?'

'S e. 'S e ban-thidsear a th'annam.
Yes. I am a teacher.

If you want to use 'tha':

A' bheil thu 'nad thidsear?
Literally, this is 'Are you in your teacher?'

Tha. Tha mi 'nam thidsear.
Yes. I am a teacher.

> Tha na h-oileanaich fichead 'sa sia aig an clas agam .
>         I have 26 students in my class.

Tha fichead oileanach 's a sia anns a' clas agam.
Literally, 'Is 20 students and six in the class at me'
I have 26 students in my class. 

I don't know about the differences between rapach and salach either. I
usually say something like:

Tha an taigh agam mi-sgiobalta.
(Is the house at me untidy)
My house is untidy.

le drachd


"Tr gun chnan, tr gun anam."
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