Hallo Eideird 's a h-uile duine,

Tapadh leat, Eideird, airson nam faclan as u\r...tha mi a' smaoineachadh gum
bi iad sar fheumail!

Ach, tha an taigh agam leth-glan an dra\sda!
But my house is half-clean right now!

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>Date: Thu, Nov 23, 2000, 1:00 PM

>Hello a h-uile duine
>>ednsue wrote:
>>> >Tha taigh againn rapach.
>>> >Our house is messy.
>>>Do you - or anyone else online - know the difference between "rapach" and
>>>"salach"...and which word is used in what situation?  And are there any
>>>other words for "dirty" that are common?
>Chan eil fhios 'm gu bheil iad cumanta, ach rannsaich mi anns na faclairean 
>agam agus lorg mi na facail seo:
>I don't know if they are common, but I looked in my dictionaries and found 
>these words:
>         ga\nrachadh (m) = clutter
>         measgachadh (m) = jumble
>         treamsgal (m) = litter
>         neo\ghlan = unclean, polluted
>         luideach = ragged, slovenly, filthy
>Is it just a coincidence that all the nouns associated with messiness are 
>masculine. Oops, I just found a feminine one:
>         mi\-riaghailt (f) = disarray.
>Sla\n leibh,
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