Hallo a h-uile duine ( Hello everyone ),

A bheil sibh uile ag obair leis a' Ga\idhlig agaibh?
Are you all working with your Gaelic?

Seo tri\ gni\omhairean dhuibh: a' smaoineachadh, ag ra\dh, a' cluinntinn.
Here are three verbs for you: think, say, hear.

Ciamar a chanas sibh na rosg-rannan seo anns a' Ga\idhlig?
How would you say these sentences in Gaelic?

1. I think that Ann is drinking water.
2. I say that Mary is sick.
3. I hear that you are tired.

And for another sentence that fits into this category, try

4. I hope that she is early.

That's enough for now, but if you're feeling ambitious, write these same 
sentences but put them into the negative - I think that it isn't a fine day 
today; I say that Mary isn't sick; I hear that you aren't tired; I hope 
that she isn't early.

Tha mi 'n do\chas nach bi sibh ro sgi\th an de\idh na h-obrach seo.
I hope that you won't be too tired after this work.

Sla\n leibh,


PS  I'm a learner too, and frequently make mistakes. Corrections are welcome.

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