Hai a h-uile duine!

Tha mise ann cuideachd, ach tha mi gu math trang 'san oilthigh...
I'm here as well, but very busy in the university...

Chan eil mi a smaonteach gun robh cadal gu leor agam anns an t-seachdainn
seo chaidh...
Ach chadal mi gus uair feasgar an dé, oir nach robh an "alarm clock" agam ag
obair ro mhath.
I don't think I've had enough sleep in the past week, although I slept 'till
1pm yesterday, because my alarm clock wasn't working too well

sgriobh Aonghas:
> Has anybody heard  of a singer from Scotland named Roddy Campbell? I
> bought his cd "Tarruin Anmoch" last fall and I really enjoy it. He's got
> a very smooth voice, good variety of songs, and what sounds to me like
> exquisite pronunciation. Just wondering if anybody else has heard him
> sing...??

I've heard a sond clip of his on the
Highly recommended by me... if that means anything.

S'e math a bhith a leughadh "messages" dhaibh...
Cairistìona )o( <--Tha a' ghrian 'na cadal agus tha dhith orm a bhith
(sorry about the Beurla, my dictionnary was unfindable tonight...)

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