Hello a h-uile duine,

Tha mise ann cuideachd. Tha mi air a bhith cuimseach trang; tha mi an
co\mhnuidh cuimseach leisg, agus cha robh an e-mail agam ag obair bho
chionn mhios 's a co\rr.

Am I here too. Am I on being somewhat busy; am I always somewhat lazy,
and was not the e-mail at-me working since month and more.

I'm here too. I've been a bit busy; I'm always a bit lazy, and my e-mail
hasn't been working for more than a month.

Tha cus sneachda againn 'nam bheachd, ach tha an luchd-sgithidh
choooooooo toilichte........grrrrr
Is too-much snow at-us, in-my opinion, but are the people-of-skiing
soooooo happy.......grrrrr
There's too much snow in my opinion, but the skiers are sooooooo
happy........grrrrrrr    ; )

A dh'aindeoin an t-sneachda, tha saoghal math againn.
Despite the snow, is world good at-us.
Despite the snow, things are good.

Bi cu\rramach a Les, ag ra\dh dhuinn gu bheil i coltach ris an
t-Earrach, mus bi sinn uile ag imrich gu Calgary..... tha tuilleadh
sneachda anns an roimh-ra\dh an seo......
Be careful Leslie, saying to-us that is it like the spring, lest be we
all moving to Calgary.....is more snow in the forecast here.......

Has anybody heard  of a singer from Scotland named Roddy Campbell? I
bought his cd "Tarruin Anmoch" last fall and I really enjoy it. He's got
a very smooth voice, good variety of songs, and what sounds to me like
exquisite pronunciation. Just wondering if anybody else has heard him

Le meas,

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