Christine Murphy wrote:

> I've heard a sond clip of his on the
> internet-
> p3
> Highly recommended by me... if that means anything.

Tapadh leat a Chairisti\ona; cha robh fhios agam air an la\rach-li\n seo.Thank
you, Christine; I didn't know about this site ("internet site" only)

> S'e math a bhith a leughadh "messages" dhaibh...

Is math a bhith leughadh teachdaireachdan bhuatsa cuideachd!It's good to be
reading messages from you too!

> Cairistìona )o( <--Tha a' ghrian 'na cadal agus tha dhith orm a bhith
> cuideachd!
> (sorry about the Beurla, my dictionnary was unfindable tonight...)

Na cuir dragh ort-fhe/in.....ach "unfindable"......???? A bheil thu air a bhith
a' bruidhinn ri ballrachd an taigh Pharlamaid a rithist????  : )

Don't put trouble on-yourself...but "..."......Are you on being talking with
members from the House of Parliament again??????

Don't worry about it....but ..............Have you been talking to members of
Parliament again??????

Le meas,

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